Denzel Curry Tells a Story About the Time His Dreadlocks Saved His Life

Denzel Curry goes hard at every show, but he went too far in Knoxville.

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Anyone who has seen Denzel Curry live knows this: the man hits the stage like lightning, beaming the energy of his songs out into the crowd with performances that put his entire being to work. The Florida rapper's music can be intense and unpredictable, and that's amplified when he gets a room full of people in front of him. But sometimes in the pursuit of a wild show, things don't go exactly as planned.

This was the case when Curry and his crew played a show Knoxville, Tennessee. When his massive hit "ULTIMATE" came on, Curry and his hype man Yoshi decided to take things to another level—they climbed up a wall adjacent to the stage, only to discover it wasn't a wall at all.

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