Charles Hamilton Returns With New Album 'Hamilton, Charles'

After a long, turbulent journey, Charles Hamilton is back with a new project.

'Hamilton, Charles' album cover
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'Hamilton, Charles' album cover

Last week, a fascinating documentary answered the question, "What happened to Charles Hamilton?"

The question had been on our minds after mental illness and personal tragedy derailed Hamilton's once-promising standing as one of the internet's first hip-hop blog darlings. A brutally honest story of redemption, the documentary led us through his rocky history, which included substance abuse, his mother's death, arrests, and sexual abuse​.

Amidst the darkness, all roads led to a hopeful resolution: a reemergence in the music industry. Now, with the release of Hamilton, Charles, we see how he's been able to turn the tragedy into art—and our first listen reveals some of the best work of his career. Listen on Apple Music here or dive in via Spotify below.