Premiere: Mila J - "Smoke, Drink, Breakup (L-Vis 1990 Remake)"


L-Vis 1990 is one of the most constantly exciting and innovative producers around. If you’re into dance music in any way you should already be familiar—L-Vis is the co-founder of the influential label/party Night Slugs along with Bok Bok (their back catalog is stacked with boundary pushing releases), and his own dance-floor aimed output is a unique mix of influences extending from house through grime, ballroom and beyond (check out a small selection of his varied output at the bottom of the post).

Even if you’re not trying to go out and rave, there’s still a side of L-Vis 1990’s music that’s for you, whether it’s the recent Sade remix or the 2011 release with Javeon, “Lost In Love.” As his Night Slugs cohorts Bok Bok and Jam City (not to mention the extended Fade To Mind family) move even further into an R&B space with their production for Kelela, the fact that L-Vis has remixed R&B/pop singer Mila J makes more and more sense.

The original “Smoke, Drink, Breakup” is fairly standard fare, but L-Vis’ remix transforms it into a sweeping modern epic, with cavernous bass, little details like the bells, and a focus on the catchy, “either we smoke, we drink, or we breakup” hook. Check it out below, and peep the awesome artwork up above.

What we need now is for mainstream pop and R&B singers to be working with the likes of L-Vis 1990.