Plan B - Love Goes Down (Doctor P Remix)


Here’s a new huge dubstep track for you guys. It’s a rework of Plan B by the ever-consistent Doctor P. This song is really a monster, and one of those remixes that clearly has not much to do with the original. However, although this track is all Doctor P, the real reason for this post is Plan B.

He’s a London artist who used to make fantastically brutal hip-hop (I was a huge fan of his debut album, Who Needs Actions When You Got Words) that I think most P&P fans would be seriously interested in. He rapped about some seriously messed up stuff, but the lyrical ability’s undeniable. Plus most of his beats were based on him playing his acoustic guitar and singing the hooks. Somewhere along his career trajectory, though, he somehow made the inexplicable transition to an r&b/soul artist, which brought him much greater success. I’ve never really gotten into the non-rapping Plan B because it’s hard for me to reconcile the fact they’re the same artist but I’ve heard good things. “Love Goes Down” is going to be available as a single on 12/06 and I’m including the title track from his debut album as well. Let me know what you think.

DOWNLOAD: Plan B – Love Goes Down (Doctor P Remix) | Mediafire

BONUS: Plan B – Who Needs Actions When You Got Words | Mediafire

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