IshDARR Teases 'Broken Hearts and Bankrolls' with “Mucho Mango”

Milwaukee is a hotbed for promising young talent, and IshDARR is leading the pack.

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IshDARR’s music is refreshingly relatable, never watered down with outlandish braggadocio. On “Right Now,” he raps about the grind towards a sustainable music career (“Reciting all of these verses / Tryna make my parents happy”), while on “For You” he references similar ambitions (“Since 15 I flipped nouns / That brown boy with big dreams”).

On his newest release, “Mucho Mango,” IshDARR continues with his unpretentious approach, referencing his mom brewing tea and “Arizona out the bottle / Tell ‘em only mango.”

While “Mucho Mango” is only a loose release, Ish is prepping for his upcoming project Broken Hearts and Bankrolls, which continues to tell his life narrative. “For this new project,” he tells us, “I wanted to tap directly into where my life was heading or taking me at the moment; I felt it changing. I wanted to portray that in each song.”

“Ultimately music is made only for me, but the fact it impacts others is a blessing. It's a double-edged sword; I just have to keep it balanced. I try to remember my roots while relating to others who are listening around the world.”