Lana Del Rey Talks Drones, Arena Tours With Grimes and Courtney Love

She also answered questions from Kim Kardashian West & Stevie Nicks. Covering a wide array of topics, from artificial intelligence to her fashion choices & more

Lana Del Rey

Image via Getty/CBS

Lana Del Rey

Instead of conducting a more traditional interview for their cover story with Lana Del Rey, new magazine L'Officiel went the extra mile and got some her most famous fans to ask their own questions. Sitting down for a small number of questions with Kim Kardashian West, Courtney Love, Stevie Nicks, and Grimes among others, the resulting feature is a fascinating look at the often very private singer.

Covering a wide array of topics, from artificial intelligence to her fashion choices, the feature also sees her answering a number of questions from fans. Kim Kardashian asked her what she'd be doing were she not making music, with her answering, "I would be a doula, or maybe working with kids," while Courtney Love asked for a personal playlist of songs.

Perhaps one of the most interesting answers came when Grimes asked her about artificial intelligence, with Lana explaining, "I think it’s just a natural progression of where technology has been leading to up until now. I think the advancements of AI will be benefits. I don’t think it will get to the point where we are boycotting the robot community because they’ve taken all of our jobs. That said, I did hear that Amazon’s just become the first company to deliver via drone, which I’m very excited but also nervous about, because I’ve had such bad experiences with drones." If drones are bad for Lana Del Rey, they're bad for humanity. 

Grimes decided to keep the technology questions coming, asking Lana if she'd ever be interested in going to Mars. "Hell to the no! Are you kidding? Who could ever leave the Earth behind?," she answered. Meanwhile, Stevie Nicks asked about her summer plans and BØRNS asked about which of her songs is her most personal.

Among the fan questions, she also confirmed she believes in the supernatural, while also explaining that she's currently writing a that she "may finish in two or three years." Read the full feature here.