Watch Donald Glover's Acceptance Speech at the Critics' Choice Awards

Glover's 'Atlanta' co-star Lakeith Stanfield also crashed the stage when 'Silicon Valley' won Best Comedy Series.

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Donald Glover's fantastic TV series Atlanta has received near unanimous praise following its debut, and at the core of the show is Glover's brilliant performance as Earnest Marks. With all the critical praise the show has received as well as the guarantee that it'll be returning for a second season next year, it seems appropriate that Atlanta would win something at the Critics' Choice Awards last night (December 11).

Upon the announcement of the winner for Best Actor in a Comedy Series, Glover looked shocked that he won. Beating a number of actors including Patrick Stewart, Bill Hader, Anthony Anderson, Jeffrey Tambor, and Will Forte, Glover was up against stiff competition. Shocked and immediately surrounded by hugs from the rest of the cast and crew behind the show, Glover took to the stage for an endearing speech.

"I really was not expecting this because the category had so many great actors who I admire in it," he said upon accepting the award. "But I'd like to thank FX for letting us do everything we wanted to do and not being like, 'That's nuts, you can't do that.' It's great to work with people with no ego, no divas and I just really want to thank all the great television and all the people who are making really great stuff right now."

Atlanta, however, didn't win when it came to the Best Comedy Series category. This didn't stop Glover's co-star Lakeith Stanfield from taking to the stage for an acceptance speech on behalf of Silicon Valley, resulting in one of the most interesting moments of the night.

Watch Glover's acceptance speech above, and watch Lakeith's moment below.

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