Converse Remixes Some Favorite Kaue Cossa Clips for Pigeons & Planes’ ‘See You Next Year’ Album

We Remixed Some Favorite Kaue Cossa Clips and Set Them to the Sounds of Ekkstacy’s “I Guess" to Celebrate Pigeon's & Planes' New 'See You Next Year' Album

With top sponsors like Converse and Habitat, Kaue Cossa’s a Brazilian skateboarder on the come-up. He’s got skills, style, and speed, which are all on display here in this new clip for Pigeons & Planes’ See You Next Year compilation album. Check it out to see him skate to the sounds of Ekkstacy’s “I Guess.”

Pre-save the album here and listen to the first single, Fana Hues’ “Drive,” here.