Boston Artist Rams Drops Electric "Already" Single for Dreamers in Transition

A Boston departure leads to a brilliant hook.

rams already boston premiere
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Artwork by Blanc Agency

rams already boston premiere

Something shifts inside when trips become long-term transitions. Those familiar with hopping on a bus to head away from home know the struggles of starting anew, the importance of a locational reset. Boston-bred recording artist Rams reaped benefits within weeks of a New York City residence: an unlikely collaborator in American Authors bassist Dave Rublin. Rublin's rock quartet might ring a bell with "Best Day of My Life," a 2013 feel-good hit that helped fuel years of touring. 

"Already," premiered here today, emerged from early sessions between Rams and the band man moonlighting as Little Planet. An impressive producer in his own right, Rublin understood his new partner's sound and imparted wisdom used to tweak and refine. It didn't take long for a mix of descending piano keys, searing guitar chords, brooding synths, and distorted drums to take shape and set the stage for a strong performance. 

"He laid the beat out in 20 minutes," Rams remembers. "He's super experienced. He was able to give me pointers and tips to polish up my song and my style in general. We locked in, smoked hella weed, and within two hours we made the rough draft." 

The track is true to the artist at its helm. Nighttime textures and minor chords evoke a sense of darkness and paranoia. The song's structure lends itself to a particularly memorable chorus that emphasizes personal growth over peripheral setbacks. Rams delivers his vocals with grit and confidence. "Once I put the hook down, I knew we had something. That was the glue for everything else."

Inspired by his own departure from Boston, "Already" captures the excitement and pressure of stepping into a new city, and recognizes the human need to "branch out and flourish, especially if there are situations you want to get out of." Stagnancy contributed to Rams' search beyond the place that raised him (though he'll be back). He craved something new to further himself. This song reflects ambition, and it exists to motivate. 

Click that pink button below to play "Already" in full. If the music resonates, check out our recent profile of Rams right here. Expect a short film and more singles as the summer months beat on.