Hear Haasan Barclay's Psychedelic, Guitar-Backed "Live For You" Single

The Boston multitalent blends unconditional love with summer cruise music.

haasan barclay live for you
Direct from Artist

Artwork by Liv Slaughter and Haasan Barclay

haasan barclay live for you

Haasan Barclay is not playing around. Front and center on his latest release, "Live For You," is guitar warmer than an August afternoon. Years ago, at 13, Baarclay picked up the instrument and grew attached to the sounds emanating from its basin. The songs that taught him how to play were by and large somber ("I practiced a lot of Radiohead, Alice In Chains, real sad stuff man"). 

Today, however, Haasan is very happy. "If I love you then I love you, there's no ifs or ands," he sings to the woman who makes each day mean something more than it otherwise would. The alt-rock record is a selfless homage to unconditional love. One listen brings about a widening smile.

Somehow, between being a loving partner, producing for himself (and for others), writing lyrics, and playing guitar, Haasan finds time for photography. The multitalented audiophile fell in love with imagery and film at an early age. Reservoir Dogs and New Jack City rank among his all-time favorites. (He encourages folks to talk movies with him on Twitter, which you can do here).

"When I'm making music I approach the track like a director," Haasan tells us. "Music has to breathe and flow like a good movie. Even when I produce for someone else, I'm creating a universe for them every time."

That attention to detail shines bright on "Live For You." Press play on this summertime single below and hold that special someone close. 

Haasan is performing in Boston this Thursday (June 29). Be sure to stop by the show if you're in the area.