LA-Based Soul Artist dijon Details Ups and Downs of Desire on "Violence)"

Winter heartbreak brings about one of 2017's best outros.

Artwork for "Violence" by Dijon
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Artwork for "Violence" by Dijon

December: distant relatives, endless egg nog, year-end list minefield. Once dogs start pawing their way through snowy sidewalks (or slightly cooler west coast sands) with jingle bells on their collars, time starts to slip, and media attention with it. Low-lying music releases can drift into oblivion. With that, here's one more special song worth bringing into 2018: "Violence)" by dijon, who some might recognize as half of a special R&B duo worth spending time with.

In "Violence)," anecdotal memories form a stitched patchwork of passion and pain. Hometown love dissolves like salt in snow, ripped apart only to be built back up and torn down again. Green grass withers white, iced over; holidays pull people back to their childhood origins. It's a vicious, violent cycle in which the possibilities of two people with shared history are cut short. It's winter heartbreak and it hurts like hell.    

Press play on "Violence)," let the lyrics sink in, and stick around for its final moments. Say hey to dijon on Twitter for new music updates.