Terry Presume Shares "Loner" From the Pigeons & Planes Compilation Album

Florida artist Terry Presume's 'See You Next Year' single "Loner" is here, executive produced by Mike Dean. Listen to the new track on all platforms now.

terry presume see you next year
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terry presume see you next year

Terry Presume’s energy is infectious. He floated through the day of See You Next Year video and photo shoots in New York radiating positive energy and bringing people together with his warmth and sense of humor. His music does the same thing, and we’ve known Terry is a special artist since our introduction to his sound in 2021 with “Did Me Wrong.” He hasn’t missed a beat since then, and today we’re excited to share his single “Loner” from the Pigeons & Planes compilation album See You Next Year, executive produced by Mike Dean.

“Loner” is an introvert’s anthem with a message wrapped up in bouncy production from CAPI and Mike Dean. “[I realized] that I am alone at times and it’s not by choice,” Terry told us about how this song came to life. “I realized that I’m sometimes self-sabotaging areas in my life. I expressed my struggles with things I shouldn't be doing. It’s hard breaking away from the things that you love—your vices. But we put forth the effort to do so, and that’s what matters. I just want to congratulate people who put forth the effort.”

On working with Mike Dean, Terry adds, “I feel as if I got to see the inside works of makes him great. He really brings life to a track. He hears a good track and knows how to make it great. He hears a great track and knows how to make it phenomenal.” This phenomenal track from Terry Presume is out now, and the full See You Next Year album is nearly here. “Loner” is the third single after Fana Hues’ “Drive” and Ekkstacy’s “I Guess,” and the contributions from these three artists just start to show the range of sounds on the record.

Click here to listen to “Loner” on all platforms and watch Terry perform the song in the video below. Pre-save the entire album and get familiar with all the artists on See You Next Year here.

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terry presume see you next year