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June's best new artists include rising talent like Eem Triplin, Wet Leg, vntageparadise, Tia Corine, Madhouse, Sadie, Bleachers Only Child and more

best new artists june 22
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best new artists june 22

Every month, we round up some of our favorite new music discoveries. Look back at all of our Best New Artists here and keep up with them all on the Best New Artists playlists on Spotify and Apple.

Eem Triplin

eem triplin best new artists by copes

If you’re a fan of $NOT, then you may already be familiar with the sonic talents of Eem Triplin, a 21-year-old rapper and producer from Johnstown, PA. With a thunderous style of production, Eem possesses an innate ability to construct expansive, captivating soundscapes. After years of tailoring beats for others, he’s finally started saving some of his creations for himself, many of which sound as though they’ve descended upon us from another galaxy—one where “Louie V” belts are worn on your head.

Eem Triplin’s 2022 has seen a momentous start, as the seven singles he’s dropped this year have gone on to become the best performing releases of his career thus far. His most notable song has been “Awkward Freestyle” which samples Tyler, The Creator’s 2013 song “Awkward.” Following several weeks of virality on TikTok, the single surpassed two million plays on Spotify alone, grabbing the attention of Tyler himself in the process. When asked if he was surprised to see that Tyler acknowledged his music, Eem says, “It was a mix of both. Of course in the back of my mind I was trying to catch his attention but I didn’t think that it would happen so fast and that he would publicly show a song of mine love.”

Despite this sudden growth in popularity, Eem has no intention of changing who he is at his core. “The only thing that changes is how people perceive me,” he explains. “I’ve been consistently working at the same pace I am now as I was five years ago when I first started making beats. I know that I need to keep the new fans happy and engaged but I’m also going to keep pushing my creative boundaries because that’s what has gotten me here.”

As the days and months push forward, we’re excited to see how Eem Triplin evolves as an artist. “The way my music sounds is an expression of who I am as both an artist and a producer right now,” Eem says. “It will become more polished as I evolve further but as for now, I am just doing what sounds good to me.”—Shamus Hill

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The first time I heard 2hollis, I assumed I was listening to an artist from somewhere in Europe. The music sounds like it has some modern American reference points—both from popular music and the underground—but it’s all seemingly distorted through an outsider’s perspective. Turns out I was wrong. 2hollis is originally from Chicago and has been living in Los Angeles for most of his life. He’s 18 years old. Beyond that, he hasn’t shared much about his personal life. He keeps things pretty vague, even when talking about his music.

“I would be doing this regardless if people enjoyed or not,” he says. “The visuals are always a reflection of myself and my current state of life, just like the music. Lately I’ve been in a tangle with my way of living and get lost in myself from time to time, lost in certain head spaces.”

His headspace throughout the last couple of years has been yielding fascinating results. “Green Spore Valley” was our entry point, but his recent mixtape FINALLY LOST offers more intense concoctions like “TIFERET” and “THE CASE OF A LOST 2.” He also just released an even more experimental project called Mage 1, a collaboration with Finn Sigil. 2hollis produces and handles mixing and mastering across all of his music.

Whether you’re a fan of Drain Gang, digicore, Chief Keef, or Alice Glass, it’s worth diving into 2hollis, who is somewhere in the mix of it all, sometimes all at once.—Jacob Moore

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TiaCorine had a viral run with “Lotto” in 2020. It was one of the explosive TikTok trends in the beginning of the pandemic, and with fans arguing that Drake had stolen her flow on his track “Popstar,” it was a moment that put the Winston-Salem, NC artist on the map.

Since “Lotto,” Tia has stayed consistent with her formula, marrying light, bubbly production with her confrontational approach to lyrics and delivery. It’s a byproduct of her early influences—growing up, her parents showed her A Tribe Called Quest and other ‘90s rap, and through her childhood she developed a love for anime (she was even given the nickname Tokyo Cinema in school). While earning an exercise physiology degree at Winston-Salem State University, she developed her craft and consistently uploaded music to Soundcloud, eventually signing with South Coast Music Group, home to DaBaby and Toosii, in 2020. 

In 2022, Tia is clearly elevating. In May, she released her single “FYK,” a relentless punk-infused rap record setting her tone for the year. In the music video for her most recent release, “Gas Station,” Tia takes on the role of school bully, biking around her neighborhood, unbothered and ready to take on anyone and anything.

When we asked about her upcoming body of work, Tia says, “I never try, I just do. This project is about me going through a lot of rough patches and finally seeing the light, being so close I can taste it. I am truly undeniable.”—Caitlin

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I promise we’re not just shamelessly looking for reasons to plug our own Discord server (ugh, maybe we are?) but this is a cool story. I heard BLEACHERS ONLY CHILD for the first time during one of our Discord submissions shows, then saw it pop up again thanks to Early Rising. I dove into their new five-song EP MISSING and was hooked so I jumped on a call with their manager Howie and he shared that he just started working with the group after meeting on the P&P Discord.

It’s an honor for P&P to play a small role in fostering connections like that, and it makes perfect sense for BLEACHERS ONLY CHILD. The group is comprised of seven artists from all over the country, including a duo that goes by ENCINO LA and handles the bulk of production. Only two of the BOC members have ever met in real life. They collaborate remotely, but you’d never know that by listening. Each song sounds like everyone’s on the same wavelength, even when songs like “MANICURE” or “BLACKOUT” jump between hard-hitting raps and tranquil melodies.

The group eventually plans to get together and work IRL, most likely in California, but “whatever works works.” Their manager adds: “We gotta wait until stuff starts to pop off for real though, we’re all mad young to be doing what we’re doing so we got time to get even better and learn more.”

“BLEACHERS ONLY CHILD is an internet-based musical outfit, demonstrating the ability to make accessible music in new and exciting ways,” a group statement reads over email. “Our new EP, MISSING, is a perfect testament to that. We hope to connect with every fan, no matter who you are and where you’re at.”—Jacob Moore

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Wet Leg

wet leg june bna photo one

It feels so good to find artists who know exactly who they are. Wet Leg has an infectious whimsical quirkiness that can’t be created in a lab or by any label. The band sounds and looks as if Laura Ingalls stepped into the future after listening to the entire discography of Joan Jett and The Ronettes. Although the vocals are mostly sung or spoken in an even-keeled way, the music still achieves head-banging status. 

The UK band, from the Isle of Wight, is composed of Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers as well as other touring band members. Supposedly formed in 2019 while Rhian and Hester sat atop a ferris wheel, Wet Leg has already found success in the UK and is now making waves across the US. 

The effortlessly cool group draws on pop culture, repetition and well-used deadpan delivery to create a completely unique listening experience. Standout hit “Chaise Lounge” pulls from the classic Mean Girls quote, “Is your muffin buttered? Would you like us to assign someone to butter your muffin?” The entire song is a string of perfectly placed innuendos and a badass sense of humor that’s hard to deny. Wet Leg’s music feels like it breaks the 4th wall, literally, like in their song “Too Late Now” when Rhian sings, “I think I changed my mind again, I’m not sure if this is a song, I don’t even know what I’m saying.”

Their eponymous debut album, released in April this year peaked at number one on the UK charts and encapsulates the renegade spirit of the band. Rhian and Hester deliver these provocative, snarky lines on the album with an unbothered tone that makes them just that much more bewitching. It’s best listened to sitting around a raging bonfire in the middle of the forest on a balmy night, but headphones will suffice too.—Sabine Adorney

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Shawny Binladen

shawny binladen photoshoot june bna

Shawny Binladen is a name we know and love. The Queens, NY rapper has become notorious for his sample-heavy drill beats and whispery flow. He’s been consistently releasing since 2018, and his catalog is dense—we’re talking 15 full-length, officially released projects, not to mention all of the loosies and one-offs. The rapper, who’s from the outskirts of Queens, is heavily inspired by John Wick, incorporating the name into almost all of his project titles, Wickipedia, Wick City, Waiting on Wick, etc. His most popular project, the 2020 holiday album Merry Wickmas, is stacked with samples from Snoop Dogg, Shiloh Dynasty, and Rose Royce.

Regarded as the “king of samples,” Shawny was one of the first to use the sample-based drill popularized by New York City rappers. Since the start, Shawny has incorporated snippets and samples from a myriad of pockets of music and culture, from ‘90s R&B, old school rap, modern contemporaries, and even flipping soundbites from classic movies. His method has inspired artists since his start—the viral track “Blood on the Leaves” by yvngxchris, for example, which of course samples Nina Simone’s “Strange Fruit,” uses a “Shawny Binladen type beat” by producer 2300 Beats. 

Recently, we’re seeing an elevation in the quality of Shawny’s output. Earlier this month, he released a double single “Hercules / Paradise” directed by Dotcomnirvan. Alongside an LL Cool J sample, it feels like Shawny is more focused than ever—the production is polished, his delivery is confident, the mix is high quality. The tracks he’s been teasing from his upcoming tape Wick the Wizard, which sample BOA Hunxho and Famous Dex, are in the same vein. It feels like we may be stepping into a new era of Shawny.—Caitlin

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Sadie best new artist photo 1

Anna Schwab, who makes music as sadie, is a Brooklyn-based producer and songwriter with an affinity for angelic melodies and sparkling electronic production. Inspired by artists like SOPHIE, Bladee, Bjork, and Kate Bush, sadie dances on the fringes of pop, keeping listeners on their toes throughout her four song debut EP nowhere. Co-produced by Joe Valle (Wet) and Maya Laner (True Blue & formerly Porches), sadie summarizes her music succinctly, saying, “I’ve always been drawn to sad songs that make you want to dance.” 

Clasically trained in piano from a young age, sadie started experimenting with the production software Ableton in college. “I don’t know if [my classical training] necessarily informs the type of music I write as much as my connection to music as a tool for expression,” she explains. “Growing up, if I was feeling any type of way I could just sit down at the piano and play something. I tend to gravitate towards coming up with instrumentals and melodies first, before beginning to even think about lyrics, perhaps my classical background is why. I grew up learning how to express myself through sound. Although I will say a lot of my songs have arpeggiated synths/key parts in them––that’s definitely a vestige of my classical days!

The term hyperpop has been used in connection with her songs, and sadie agrees. “Much of the music that influences my own is from the hyperpop world (Charli XCX, AG Cook, SOPHIE, underscores),” she says. “I definitely cherry pick production elements/techniques that I love from hyperpop, but I gravitate towards writing songs with slower BPMs/more minimal/spare production. I think part of the spirit of hyper-pop is pushing the boundaries of what pop music can be, and that is something I’m interested in with my own songwriting.”

sadie’s nowhere EP is out now.—Alex Gardner

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“Born and raised in Nigeria, my dad would always listen to oldies jazz music, which I don’t ever recall actually enjoying,” says VNTAGEPARADISE. “But my aunt was a big [Michael Jackson] fan and that was probably my introduction to music.”

As he grew up, he started listening to hip-hop like Kanye and Tyler, The Creator and when he began making his own music in 2017, he intended to be a rapper. Once the pandemic hit, he started getting more into indie and alternative, and he lists off a few current favorites: the early punk scene in London, Gang of Four, Bloc Party, Bakar, slowthai, Greentea Peng, and Odunsi (The Engine).”

Listening through to his releases so far, from personal favorite “Blinded” (below) to latest single “Wicked,” VNTAGEPARADISE is piecing together a wild collage that pulls from his mishmash of interests. At the core of it all is experimentation and willingness to go with whatever he feels in the moment, and he’s been working on reaching the right audience though some DIY groundwork. We found out about him when he shared his music on the Pigeons & Planes Discord, and he got covered by Pitchfork after sending a cold email to a writer there.

Speaking on how this fits into the current soundscape of Nigeria he explains: “Nigeria is a really strong music scene, but it’s limited. Our mainstream music is Afrobeats and that’s what’s commercial here—not everyone is into experimental music here but lucky for me we have a subculture termed ‘alte’ which is like the alternative/underground scene for artists like me doing what’s not usually accepted by masses in Nigeria or even most of Africa.”

What’s coming up for VNTAGEPARADISE? He’s not even sure. “There’s no telling what I’ll do next, I could put a song about love and then my next drop is about wanting to fight.” He’s also developing his own fashion brand, modeling, working on setting up his own shows, and excited to keep creating with the DIY mindset. “My advice for anyone who listens to me is to not expect a particular thing from me.”—Jacob Moore

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Madhouse best new artist photo 1

Growing up in his mom’s piano store, music is both nature and nurture for Madhouse. The Toronto-native has clear R&B roots but is now stepping foot into the world of pop, rock, and alternative influences. The move seems effortless on his new single “WTF.” The strong bass line accompanies Madhouse’s aggressively honest, stereo-grainy voice. While only clocking in at one minute 45 seconds, the song serves as the perfect time capsule to a moment of highly volatile anger and confusion.

On the sucker punch single, Madhouse shares: “‘WTF’ was written minutes after I was told by someone I loved deeply that they were moving across the world with their new significant other.”

Madhouse already has two EPs under his belt, Dawn On Me (2020) and Awoken (2019). With song names like “happiness,” “Nervous,” and “Breathe,” it’s evident Madhouse is willing to let us all in to his own emotional atmosphere. Compelling beats, along with sometimes eerie melody lines and cloud-like vocals allow Madhouse to create simple yet entrancing pieces. 

With a new album I’LL BE HERE TOMORROW on the way and a new single dropping in July, there’s a lot to look forward to. After two years of creating, Madhouse feels the album is a piece of art he’s truly proud to share. “When you release music, it’s like a tattoo,” he explains. “In the past, I’ve taken down music and erased those tattoos. But this album feels like a chest piece, something that I can wear proudly. This is it, this is the centerpiece… and I’m working my way toward my face tat album.”—Sabine Adorney 

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Hether is Paul Castelluzzo, the San Diego-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, and vocalist behind a new 15-song project play it pretty. Hether is coming off tour with Bachata artist Romeo Santos, and also played with Dominic Fike as a bassist in his band. He’s written or produced for an eclectic mix of other artists too, including Anderson .Paak, Vince Staples, Mac Miller, and Kali Uchis. Next up he’ll be opening up for Remi Wolf on her Fall tour.

On his new solo project, Hether gives some insight by touching on the title: “The term ‘play it pretty’ comes from one of my favorite guitarists, Albert King. I just wanted to make music that I listened to as a kid. Taste the slime.” 

play it pretty is brimming with nostalgia, conjuring pleasures of the past with nods to classic rock, blues, and funk. There are dusty kicks, psychedelic waves, manic guitar solos, and vocals drenched in reverb. Drawing from the past can always lead to the risk of sounding old, but Hether actually sounds incredibly fresh and so unique in the way he blends influences with an idiosyncratic style. Plus, play it pretty is a great option if you’re looking for a cohesive album to play from front to back.—Jacob Moore

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