Teenage artist Molly Payton released two EPs in 2020, turning the aspirations of a shy teenager simply hoping to find a creative community to be part of into the reality of being a rising star from London's indie rock scene.

Molly's debut EP Mess was a collection of acoustic guitar-rooted singer-songwriter expressions of growing up, having fun, and getting your heart broken. Molly's clear-eyed lyricism and poignant songwriting were on clear display, but her second EP Porcupine, released in October, was the breakthrough moment. Her songs are supercharged, with a full band sound that makes "How To Have Fun" and "Going Heavy" feel like modern rock anthems driven by confident self-expression.

Molly Payton moved from New Zealand to London when she was 16 years old and met artists like beabadoobee and Oscar Lang, who helped encourage her songwriting and recording. Molly's music—from the raucous rock songs to the slower moments of "I'm Too Smart" and "Rodeo"—feels perfectly primed for the live setting. As live shows eventually return, new music is released, and she keeps growing as a person and a musician, Molly Payton's rise is primed to continue in 2021 

"I escaped back to New Zealand at the end of 2020 for a much needed dose of normality, but before I did I finished up writing the bulk of my next project," Molly tells us. "It’s a coming-of-age project, about growing and learning about yourself through your relationships with others. To me many of the songs feel like they belong at the end of a film as the heroine drives off into the sunset. These days my goal with my music is to provide people with comfort, and I have faith that these songs are going to be able to do that."—Alex Gardner

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