When we first heard AG Club in the first half of last year, we described it as Brockhampton meets A$AP Rocky. That was based solely off their early hit "Memphis," but since then the East Bay group has demonstrated that a simple comparison doesn't do them justice. Their 2020 project Halfway Off the Porch offered heartfelt vulnerability on "Hngover," restraint on "Snæks," and anthem-making capability on "Fight!!!" They haven't allowed themselves to be pigeonholed by their viral introduction, but their most recent single "Columbia" is confirmation that they still have the off-kilter rap hit formula on lock.

The collective's debut album FYE (FUCK YOUR EXPECTATIONS) is set for release in early 2021, and AG Club is in an interesting spot. They're right on the cusp of mainstream success, but they still roll with a DIY spirit and an alternative mindset. They could go either way, but then again, maybe those things aren't mutually exclusive.

“2021 for AG Club is about taking over everything," says group member Jody Fontaine. "We wanna be the true leaders of the new generation, changing how people absorb media. We have so much planned, from more music, to crazy new videos, to insane movies and series made by us starring us. Last year was about being discovered, this year we’re gonna dominate. Glad y’all can be along for the ride!”—Jacob Moore

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