Before I talked to 347aidan via Zoom one evening in December of 2020, the 17-year-old spent his day hanging out on the online chat site Omegle, going in and out of one-on-one video conversations with strangers. "I go on there and I just spread a lot of positivity," says aidan, whose lid-heavy eyes barely show from behind his tousled, half-purple mop of hair. "I usually will start off the conversation by complimenting the person and then get into a conversation about life with them."

347aidan has learned that there’s value in not caring what anyone thinks of him, but at the same time he seems to have an overwhelming desire to make other people feel good. It’s why he goes on social media every day and reminds fans that they’re full of potential and it’s why, on this day, he talked to dozens of strangers through his computer screen.

The Ontario artist's amiable nature has paid off big-time. Aidan has been on TikTok for over a year, since back in the days when he still had short black hair. Judging from his first posts, he started off using the platform strictly to promote his music, but the page evolved into a more personal outlet where aidan talks to his followers, delivers affirmations, and shares whatever's on his mind. At the same time, his music expanded from a pretty straightforward assortment of raspy-voiced rap songs to a hodgepodge of hip-hop, DIY alternative, and grungy bedroom pop anthems.

During the first week of October 2020, one of his unreleased songs called "Dancing in My Room" started to gain momentum on TikTok after a creator started a dance trend set to a snippet of the song. Aidan already had a solid following of his own and helped to drive more attention to the trend, and by the time "Dancing in My Room" was officially released later that month, it already had over 20,000 TikTok videos made to the track.

Just a year ago, 347aidan was still relatively unknown. At the start of 2020 he had less than 3,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and under 10,000 Instagram followers after making music for almost five years. Now he's got over five million monthly listeners and considers music a full-time gig. By the time this interview is published, it's a safe bet that "Dancing in My Room" will have over 50 million streams. His next release is a collaboration with Kenny Beats, and his fan base is growing fast—even the strangers on Omegle are beginning to recognize him.

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