Buffalo-born, Bushwick-based artist Quinton Brock’s debut single “To The Moon” is the kind of anthem that belongs on a movie soundtrack. With pounding drums, urgent delivery, and backing “ooh” vocals reminiscent of “Where Is My Mind,” it’s the sound of cathartic release. Brock delivers it with a music video that helps bring it to life, and he’s gearing up for his first album in 2021.

Brock's introduction as a solo artist is a powerful one, but he's been making music for years and used to play in a band called The Get Money Squad. His experience gives him the advantage of an artist who knows what he wants to say and how he wants to present it. “I think we all have moments in our lives that we look back on and wish we could change," says Brock. "For me, 'To The Moon' is my first glance of a long honest look in the mirror. I know how it feels to be caught up.”

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