Nobody can whisper-rap quite like Goonew. He’s more or less created his own unique sound—a rushed murmur of descriptive confessions about drug-dealing—that’s been imitated ad nauseum since he first became a rapper of acclaim in late 2017.

He’s circled around the blogosphere in the time since, drifting into the orbits of Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Lil Yachty, and had cooling periods that have seen him retreat into the shadows. But with his new return single “Bricks,” Goonew reclaims his signature cadence that makes his music so haunting. His comeback arrives over the ghost of Gucci Mane’s classic instrumental of the same name. Taking the chance to prove himself over an iconic beat, he shows that there are shockingly few that can be Goonew better than, well Goonew.

“Me and Sparkheem, my producer, made ‘Bricks’ in 25 minutes," he explains. "It’s way easier when your producer knows you and the music that you like to sample. Gucci is one of my favorite rappers and I’ve always put together freestyles in my head to beats that he’s done, so making this was easy. It’s one of my favorite songs that I have put out.”

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