In 2020, it was nearly impossible to predict a viral song when you heard one. Sure, there were cases like that of RMR, where attention-demanding visuals or perfectly executed social media stunts come into play, but TikTok gave so many other tracks a chance to find their own less obvious path to viral success. One of those songs was "Space Girl" by 21-year-old Massachusetts-based artist Frances Forever.

"Space Girl" is a charming, summery indie pop hit with a hint of Mac DeMarco or Talking Heads quirkiness plus sturdy songwriting in the vein of Clairo or Mitski. After TikTok got a hold of it, "Space Girl" went No. 1 on Spotify's viral chart, and since then it's been piling on tens of millions of streams and landing on rock and alternative charts.

Going viral isn't always a good thing—more often than not it ends with a let-down—but Frances Forever has already avoided the typical pitfalls associated with overnight success. The non-binary artist has been keeping new fans updated without coming across as too thirsty for attention, and Frances has given "Space Girl" plenty of time to breathe instead of rushing to capitalize off of newfound momentum with a forced album or a bunch of unnecessary remixes and collaborations. Earlier this month Frances announced that they've signed with indie label Mom + Pop, and we're excited to see what comes next.

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