When R&B artist Fana Hues sings, it’s difficult to imagine that she once wasn't able. As a child, Hues battled a combination of scarlet fever, strep throat, and tonsillitis that caused her to lose her voice for five years. But now, the immersive Pasadena, CA-based artist isn’t letting anything stop her from pursuing her passion—and her soaring, dynamic voice speaks for itself.

Growing up in a large, artistic family, Fana has been around music her whole life. Her father plays bass, guitar, and piano; her mother is a dancer, healer, and midwife; her brother raps; and her seven sisters grew up singing, some of them singing backup with her even today. The strong feminine, almost matriarchal energy in her family has profoundly shaped Fana’s upbringing: “It’s influenced how I move through the world,” she tells us. And that influence has a massive presence in her work, as Fana puts her family front and center in her visually stunning videos for “Icarus,” “Notice Me,” and most recent release "snakes x elephants"—our first glimpses at her upcoming debut collection Hues, set for release December 11.

A series of songs pieced together over time, Hues isn’t quite a full concept album. Instead, the project represents Fana’s journey of growth—of learning how to trust herself over time. Fana explains: “Being honest with myself is what it all boils down to. I didn’t allow myself to feel the full spectrum of emotion that I had because I thought you work through things in private. Hues represents that full spectrum of emotion that we as humans have; it’s a project where I went through the emotions and ended up OK.”

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