Fousheé's voice has been haunting us for months. We first heard it when her vocals were sampled for Brooklyn rapper Sleepy Hallow's "Deep End Freestyle," a song that put up big numbers but didn't initially credit Fousheé as a featured artist, leaving many wondering whose captivating voice they were listening to. Soon after, Fousheé released her own full version of the song (and a fantastic music video), and we've been hooked since.

Lyrically, "Deep End" is brimming with confidence and Fousheé makes it clear that she has a bone to pick: "Shawty tongue rip like razor / Shawty got wit, got flavor / Pardon my tits and make-up, uh, uh, pay her." The message is sharply focused, but the delivery leaves a lot up for interpretation. Fousheé's breathy tone sounds angelic, seductive, mischievous, and downright threatening all at once. The ambiguity is part of what makes "Deep End" such a spellbinding song—it hits different depending on your mood, and it somehow rises to the occasion no matter what you're feeling.

Today, we're excited to premiere the Zach Sulak-directed video for a new acoustic version of "Deep End." With no production to fall back on, Fousheé's voice is even more commanding. “I wanted the acoustic version to feel like an intimate performance," she says. "Just me, guitar, and bass. I want people to be able to take in the lyrics, understand them, and feel them. I think every performance communicates a unique, organic energy so this performance is super special to me. It’s me vulnerable and raw.”

Watch above, and stay tuned for more from Fousheé.