Genre-blending Florida group seeyousoon released their debut album VIDÉ in July and "Ben Affleck" is a standout track. Watch the premiere of the video, directed by Andrew Fallon, above. The track has one of the hardest beats on the project, but there's a surprising origin story. 

"Kenny originally put it together for a beat challenge in 2017," seeyousoon tells us. "The object of the challenge was to produce an instrumental without playing it through the speakers until it’s fully arranged. We all took turns playing some pretty awful-sounding beats but to everyone’s surprise, Kenny’s beat turned out to be really crazy. He stashed it for a while but during the writing process for VIDÉ, we revisited the project and fleshed it out into what it is now. It’s a beloved song for us because we made it during a really exciting point in the album’s creation. It was undeniable the night it was made and it’s undeniable now."

seeyousoon is a 9-piece group and creative collective that has been taking off this year with their impressive VIDÉ project. "It was written during a particularly challenging year for the group," they tell us. "Many of us were dealing with personal struggles and problems at home. The writing process for the album quickly took on a very cathartic role for all of us, it became an escape. During that time we all challenged one another to grow as artists and individuals. At the end of it all, the album became a mirror for that time and those experiences. It is our most essential narrative to date."

seeyousoon also broke down what each member does and some of their influences, so you can get to know the large collective a little better.

Maddie Barker 
Influences: Amy Winehouse, Hiatus Kaiyote, Ciara

Influences: The Roots, Nas, Kanye West

Influences: underoath, Kanye West, Mr. Carmack

Influences: Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke, Pharrell

Influences: Pharrell, Scott Mescudi, Method Man

Influences: Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West

Rapper/Singer/D1 QB
Influences: Travis Scott, Jon Bellion, Mac Miller

Luke Summers
Influences: D’Angelo, Frank Ocean, Andrè 3000 

Influences: The Soulqaurians, Bob Marley, Radiohead