Chicago-based artist Jackie Hayes is cut from the same cloth as a lot of the emerging DIY acts on the rise right now, but she’s already sounding way more confident than most. Instead of the usual hushed vocals and acoustic strumming, Hayes is ripping through crunchy, unrestrained, badass indie rock. Her 2020 EP take it, leave it was made alongside artist/producer and P&P favorite Billy Lemos, and it’s a brash and exhilarating initiation. Plus, you can get through the whole project in less than 10 minutes so it’s well worth your time.

"I made take it, leave it at the beginning of March," Hayes tells us. "I remember it being very cold and I had just started working at a grocery store. I wrote the lyrics in my head at work, and jumped into recording when I got home each night. I was struggling to find my place in the music world. I didn’t know what I wanted to make, and was starting to feel at the end of my wits. It’s not perfect, but we used what we had to make what we could.”

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