glaive is a 15-year-old artist from North Carolina who is about to enter his sophomore year of high school, and he just started releasing music this year. He and other like-minded artists connected through Discord, and he's quickly emerged as one of the most promising new artists in an underground community that's impossible to pin down by geographic location or genre labels.

Hoping to get some more information, we asked glaive for a photo to use for this post and a quote about his music. He sent the above image of an orangutan, and gave us the quote: “Shoutout Pete the number bossman.” When we said we'd rather use a photo of him, he tweeted this. Alright glaive, we'll use the orangutan photo.

Like OSQuinn, glaive's music lives in this post-100 gecs world of a free-for-all approach to music where most of the rules are doused in gasoline, lit on fire, and thrown out the window. A lot of it falls under what's becoming commonly referred to as hyperpop, but there are elements reminiscent of pop punk, emo, and glitchy hip-hop that may be intentional or not.

Despite some level of almost nerve-racking volatility in the music, glaive is a natural songwriter with a gift for structure and melody. The stuff he's making now feels very of-the-moment and while it's a far cry from traditional radio pop and Hot 100 charts, it's not hard to imagine these sounds becoming more prevalent in the mainstream in the coming years. We're already seeing that start to happen with the rise of gecs and the evolution of Charli XCX. A few years ago, artists like glaive and OSQuinn might have been relegated to the underground, but the timing is perfect for a strange pop makeover. Check out "astrid" below, and hear his newest song "pissed" here.

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