Jordana was one of our Best New Artists in March, but her debut project Classical Notions of Happiness was just the tip of the iceberg. The project combined standouts from her DIY living room recordings with a few newer songs made in studio (including one of our favorites "Crunch"), and it showcased the artist Jordana was becoming. She welcomes this evolution, and she's not wasting any time.

“I saw that I was growing; my sound was growing,” she says of those new songs and working with producer MELVV. “As soon as we finished ‘Crunch’ in the studio, we were like, ‘This was the best thing that we’ve ever made, ever, and I want to do more of it.’”

Today we're premiering the music video for Jordana's latest song, "Big," which comes with the announcement that Jordana's next EP Something To Say is on the way.

"Big" carries on the vitality of Jordana's most confident work—it's music with muscle, more urgent and severe than the bedroom pop of her early days. It hums with electricity and unpredictability and relies less on, as Jordana puts it, "pretty instrumentation and high-pitched vocals.” 

Jordana's Something To Say EP is co-produced entirely with MELVV, and it's coming July 31 on Grand Jury Music. Watch the "Big" video above.