Every month, we round up some of our favorite new music discoveries. Look back at all of our Best New Artists here and keep up with them all on the Best New Artists playlists on Spotify and Apple.

First of all, we at Pigeons & Planes are sending love to all artists out there trying to stay productive. Every situation is different, but we're all having difficulties right now. There is probably no stranger time to be trying to launch a career in music, and being unable to connect directly with new fans and earn revenue through concerts makes things so hard.

This is our second installment of Best New Artists since coronavirus forced us all into lockdown, and what we've seen has been pretty remarkable. From A-list acts to new talent, there's so much music to provide a little relief and escape, and artists are getting creative with how they release and present new music. This month we had dozens of candidates for Best New Artists, and we whittled it down to what you see here but have so much more listening to do. Thank you so much to every artist putting out good music right now. It helps.

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