Like so many artists, 19-year-old Jordana Nye started off music by learning an instrument at the recommendation of her father, who played the organ at a local church. He encouraged her to take up piano, but she started on violin before picking up the guitar. Also like many artists, she first got comfortable sharing that music through SoundCloud. "I had all these singles and I just wanted a place to put them," she explains.

On March 27, Jordana will re-release some of those songs on her debut album Classical Notions of Happiness, but the project also hints at where things are going. "Crunch," an early favorite and one of the three newer songs added to the project, still has some of that no-frills approach from the early days, but it's a far cry from typical bedroom pop that shows potential but also puts limitations on display. Fuzzy guitar and cracking drums rile up a sense of urgency over a bassline that wouldn't be out of place on a Breeders' song.

“I am super excited about the re-release of my album," Jordana tells us, "especially with the bonus tracks because it shows how I went from my DIY living room recordings to studio time and experimenting with new ideas and genres of music I’ve always dreamt of making.”

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