The first time we covered Jonah Mutono on Pigeons & Planes, we didn't even know who he was. That was years ago, and at that point he was going by Kidepo and avoiding any personal ties, including photos and performances. After a short but impressive run, he went quiet. Now he's back, and he's ready to stand by the music he makes.

"With the amount of myself I put into my music, it’s almost unfair if I don’t stand up and own it," Mutono says. "There was so much self-discovery that got me to this point, and it’s ongoing. I don’t have any regrets. I wasn’t ready, emotionally or mentally, to even call myself an artist. I just loved to create. And it’s time to be accountable for that. I want people to know and experience my music from all angles, and that can’t be done if I don’t appear somewhere."

With his music video for "Circulation," Mutono revisited Uganda, one of his many homes (he's lived in several countries), for a powerful visual left to interpretation. On his upcoming album GERG, Jonah Mutono dives deeper into his story, one that involves sexual identity, immigration, mental health, and self-discovery.

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