With only two singles released to date, contradash has already established a clear sound and style. Slurring together melodies with earworm songwriting to match, he takes from genuine emotion when it comes to crafting songs, and does so in a way that has turned his second release, “blocked,” into a must-listen, logging hundredes of thousands of streams in the past month.

Growing up in Southern California, contradash was once a high-school kid obsessed with graphic design. Learning through YouTube how-to videos and social media, he honed his craft thanks to the internet and eventually applied this resourcefulness to another growing passion of his—music. After spending a year in Naples, Florida post-high school, he came back home and continued to record demos, finally releasing his mesmeric debut single “yo-yo” in the final months of 2019. Just a few months later, at the start of 2020, “blocked” came out, and we're excited to see the next steps in the contradash journey.  

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