Slopes is a self-taught and self-produced artist from New York who cites Julian Casablancas, The Weeknd, Kevin Parker, and Travis Scott as influences. Making songs started off as a hobby, but it has become more than that. "Music has always been one of the most important things to me and has helped me get through a lot," he says through email.

The song he submitted is called "Play It Cool," and like everything else he's making now, he recorded, mixed, and mastered it at home in his apartment in Crown Heights. "The lyrics largely deal with always wanting more and things never being good enough," he says. "It has a lot to do with restlessness and a craving for change."

Nothing about "Play It Cool" demands attention—appropriate for a song with this title—but its casual hook and driving verses are addictive, with just the right amount of repetition delivered in under three minutes. After listening to this once and then moving on, we kept coming back to it. 

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