As soon as Dylan Brady and Laura Les’ debut album as 100 gecs, 1000 gecs, kicks off, it’s immediately apparent that a huge amount of talent is involved. And then a sudden Skrillex circa 2012 dubstep drop happens, and it’s no longer clear what these two are going for. While it might be off-putting for some listeners, this is exactly the type of goofy and wildly inventive shit that makes 1000 gecs such a unique record. “Hey you little piss baby,” the album’s most immediate track “money machine” starts, before diving into a catchy chorus about “big boys coming with the big trucks.”

Together, Dylan Brady and Laura Les are pure chaos, shifting between brilliance and comedy in a mere moment. It’s two friends having a blast, but it’s also a showcase of what they can pull off. An anarchic assault on the ears, the duo has crafted shitposting in the form of music and they did it beautifully. That’s not to say it’s purely a comedic listen, but it’s hard not to listen to it without grinning maniacally. If aliens ever invade earth, 1000 gecs is the first album humans should show them.

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