Although visual media is increasingly consumed in 15 to 30 second snippets on small phone screens, the power of a memorable music video—especially as a way of introducing a new act to the world—is still hard to match. LOVE SUPREME, a duo from France, debuted with what will surely remain one of the year's best music videos, for a song called "Lonely Feelings."

The video is a richly textured series of stunning scenes, combining for a surreal narrative that includes a falling dog, a futuristic baptism-like ceremony, a party, and much more. Thankfully, the song it's accompanying is fantastic too, a slow-moving combination of gruff, whiskey soaked vocals and slowly swelling electronics that feels both timeless and very current.

"Lonely Feelings" comes from LOVE SUPREME's self-titled debut EP, out now via French label Animal63, also behind The Blaze (who themselves have an all-time great music video in "Territory"). Learn a little more about LOVE SUPREME and watch the incredible "Lonely Feelings" video below.

How did the two of you meet and how long have you been making music together?

Kenzo: We met through friends a few years ago when Joseph was back from the UK. We did many jam sessions together back in the days but we really started working on the LOVE SUPREME music about two years ago.

Joseph can you tell me a little bit about the different places you've lived and how they have impacted or inspired your music?

Joseph: I’m from Paris and I used to live in London, New York, New Jersey, Jamaica and Guadeloupe. I have been back in Paris for a few years now. In Paris my music has been inspired by wine, in London by London Pride, in New York by Brooklyn Lager, in Jamaica by Red Stripe and in Guadeloupe with Ti' Punch. I am still inspired by Paris right now. 

Assuming that the name Love Supreme is referencing John Coltrane, how has he inspired you and why did you pick the name?

Kenzo:  The name « LOVE SUPREME » is taken from a line in our track "Ain’t no Remedy." My girlfriend whispered it to me after listening to it. I kept it in mind for a few days before talking to Joseph, who immediately got hooked.

Of course John Coltrane is a great inspiration to us as well as others jazz masters like Bill Evans or Miles Davis…But choosing this name for our duo is not so much to compare our music or to pay tribute to Coltrane. To us, it resonates because of the way he crafted A Love Supreme, with love, dedication and sweat. Just like we did, digging deep into ourselves. 

Will all the Love Supreme music be in English? If so, I'm curious why you made that decision versus singing in French. Have you always sung/written lyrics in English? 

Joseph: All the LOVE SUPREME music will be in English. I have always sung and written in English. To me it is a tool like a music instrument, English just sounds good to me.

What was the overarching vision for the video? Were there certain themes or ideas you wanted to communicate?

LOVE SUPREME: We wanted to give "Lonely Feelings" away to another artist's vision rather than impose our own. Before even having listened to the song Simon had been thinking about this scenario for a long time. The song helped him to wrap up his concept. The song and his initial idea gave birth to a third creation, the music video. Both of our works had in common this idea of « lâcher prise » [translation: letting go]. 

Are you planning more videos for other songs from this project?

LOVE SUPREME: At the moment, we are focusing on the live show, but of course we will work on new content soon. We intend to prepare to a special live show that will translate all the work we have put in this first record. 

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