18-year-old Maryland rapper and producer Xanman is a free man after serving six months behind bars, and he came out hot with the "PINK" video. Xanman can sing too—his most popular song on Spotify is "Gucci Down"—but songs like "Heard Cuz Was Hot" and "PINK" have popularized his commanding voice, inventive one-liners, and unrelenting delivery that usually hits harder than the beat itself. He's one of the fastest rising rappers out of the DMV right now, but he's aiming for more than a quick payoff on some buzz. "I wanna make history with my stuff," he told us over the phone while he was still in jail. "I wanna be with the JAY-Zs, with the Lil Waynes. Someone that goes down in history, that’s still relevant no matter what they do."

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