Aaron May, a rapper from a suburb of Houston called Alief, releaed a song called "Ride" near the beginning of 2018. It slowly began to pick up momentum and reach fans beyond his hometown, and now the teenager has a full body of work—titled Chase—to showcase hist talents as an MC and artist. As well as razor-sharp rapping, Aaron May has a maturity and level-headedness that will serve him well as his popularity inevitably rises.

"We all grow up taking some inspiration from somebody, or influence from somebody," he explained in response to a question about people comparing him to J. Cole. "My biggest influences were Nas and J. Cole but by the time I’m 20? I’ll have my own sound figured out. People will get to see me develop from 16, 17 to 20, 21, 25. At the end of the day, I gotta remind myself, I’m 17 and I’m still growing. Down the road when it’s all said and done? J. Cole wouldn’t have been able to do that 'cause that’s me. That’s Aaron May, and I want people to stay for the ride and see that."

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