Sneaks is the project of Eva Moolchan, a Washington D.C. based vocalist and producer who makes music that bounces between genres and sounds, smashing any and all expectations in the process. Sneaks isn't exactly new—she released her debut album in 2015 and signed to Merge Records in 2016, with whom she released her second LP It's A Myth—but she's levelling up. 

Sneaks' previously released music has merged hypnotic vocals with spare drum machine beats, but Highway Hypnosis, out January 25, reaches new levels. The album is a patchwork of hip-hop, post-punk, rave, and more, and it comes with a similarly raw, utterly unique energy to M.I.A.'s groundbreaking early releases. Sneaks' music might not be for everyone, but hers is a voice that should be heard. Tune in.

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