Since 2016, Dallas' FXXXXY has consistently delivered an intoxicating blend of growling R&B melodies and jagged, creative production. His early hit "20 Taliband" showed his potential, and the Cartel Shawty and Flawed Up Shawty EPs revealed a range still finding its outer limits.

Since those early successes, FXXXXY has been patient. His acclimation to pop culture is a slow burn, but the artist is finally getting major looks, and he has the music to match. His latest offering is "Need U," a collab with Gunna. It's an impressive next step for the artist, proof he's capable of constructing heartbroken love songs as easily as head-knocking anthems. 

"'Need U' is a song that means a lot to me because it’s mostly based on a true situation," FXXXXY says. "As soon as I did the beat I knew it was gonna be a way for me to vent and then Gunna came through and completed the vision." Listen to the new track below, and revisit FXXXXY's Flawed Up Shawty here.