Tyler, The Creator secretly uploaded photos and videos to an Instagram account called @scumfuckflowerboy for over a year leading up to the release of his Flower Boy album.

As a result, the page acted as a place to document behind-the-scenes moments of the project's creation. "Funny part is no one will read this for a while but I just captured the exact moment when I was finished," he wrote in the caption of one post. "This is cool cause i dont post as much and i dont have a snapchat so yeah ok

There are hundreds of photos and videos dating back to April 2016. Now, finally, Tyler has made the account public for the first time in celebration of the one-year anniversary of Flower Boy's release. "You changed my life, you are a well crafted piece of art," Tyler writes in the caption of the account's most recent post—an image of the Flower Boy cover artwork. "Last summer was the greatest time of my life, who knows whats next. Thank you to everyone who supported this."

You can see the page for yourself here or continue for some of our favorite moments from the 200+ posts.