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Vermont's nothing,nowhere. has quietly made a name for himself as a emo-rap innovator over the past couple years, releasing music that leans more comfortably in the hardcore direction than so many blending the two disparate genres. While his latest album, Ruiner, featured more rapping than its predecessor, Reaper, his Fueled by Ramen debut solidified his status as one of the growing sub-genre's best.

One of the highlights from Ruiner, "Rejecter," has just received the video treatment. "This is my favorite song off of Ruiner," he told us over email. "I felt like I was in a different world when I wrote this song. I wanted to bring that world to life, and this is the result of that." Its dark, glitchy aesthetic suits the somber, apocalyptic tone of the track perfectly. 

Like the rest of Ruiner, "Rejecter" perfectly exemplifies why nothing,nowhere.'s music is so exciting. Taking a number of familiar elements, he's crafted a world of sound that's both fresh and recognizable. It's somewhere between the completely the new-age emo of someone like Yung Lean and the old-school of Austin's Mineral. It might be off-putting to emo purists, but his goal isn't to please everyone.

When we spoke to him about the new wave of emotional music, he seemed very much unconcerned with the gatekeepers upset with changes taking place. "I hate sounding like a pessimist, but honestly who cares, you know? We all die and we will all be dead for an infinite amount of years. So fretting over something as insignificant as a musical genre seems like a colossal waste of time. Make what you want to make, music is music and it is beautiful."

Watch the premiere of the "Rejecter" video above.

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