In January, 20-year-old producer turned singer Kevin George told us about his wildly ambitious plans to "become one of the world's biggest pop stars."

At the time, his words could have been dismissed as the result of misguided youthful exuberance, but in the months to follow, he's proven he has the drive—and the talent—to be a special artist. He's already growing into the limitless potential he flashed on early gems like "High Like This" and "Crew." Now, three months after releasing his debut EP, LOVELAND, he's already back with the follow-up: a seven-song project called FORTINA.

Executive produced by himself, the project is full of songs that take time to experiment and explore weird, hazy territories. But that won't stop any of these melodies from getting stuck in your head on first listen. "FORTINA is an ode to my favorite restaurant in my city," he tells P&P. "I want the kids in my city to have something to be proud of. I want to continue to give my generation genre-bending, exciting songs."