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Jazz Cartier has played a role in some of Pigeons & Planes greatest moments. The most memorable was probably the time he hung upside-down from the rafters while rapping during a No Ceilings show at SXSW 2017. The Toronto rapper has been steadily evolving and progressing over the last years, and the next chapter is coming soon.

Jazz Cartier's new album Fleurever is on the way, and in typical Jazz fashion, he's including fans in the roll-out. Instead of handing out the details himself, he's leading a scavenger hunt throughout the internet, where fans can unlock details of the upcoming project. It's all being revealed at, where you can enter the passwords you find and get previews of the things to come.

We don't know what's coming next or what else Jazz has in store before the release, but stay tuned.

Speaking on the new album, Jazz tells us: "I wanted to give my fans an experience after they've held it down for so long. Everything will make sense come July 27. The third chapter and the greatest one yet."

In the meantime, check out Jazz Cartier's latest song "Which One" below:

And watch our video with Jazz from a couple years ago here:

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