Jazz Cartier has been a P&P favorite for years. The time he climbed into the rafters at our SXSW 2017 No Ceilings show and hung upside down over the crowd while he performed remains one of our all-time favorite moments. Now, his major label debut under Universal Music Group, Fleurever, has finally arrived.

"The driving force of Fleurever is duality—whether it’s battling the balances of love and money, risks and rewards, right and wrong, or living and dying," he says in a press release. "I shed a lot of old layers in order to grow new wings."

Further describing the concept with Billboard this week, he explained, "I just find that duality is a constant thing that everyone goes through. But I think more so myself because of like how I was raised and where I was raised and things I've been going through. Even with all the success and everything happening like you know what a lot of shit changes in your life and people talk about cliches but cliches are cliches for a reason. You go through all of them and you just find yourself looking in the mirror and being like there's some things I have to adjust to make sure this thing doesn't happen again or just learning from certain mistakes and that's the constant struggle with me and duality."

Hear the album now on iTunes/Apple Music or stream it on Spotify below.

For more on Jazz's story, watch our 2016 interview with him below.