In the past few years, Clyde Guevara has been through a lot. Two years ago his brother was murdered, and drama in his hometown of Brooklyn led him to move across the country to Los Angeles, where he focused in on music. freeJAH is the result.

"It’s my first project and it’s dedicated to my brother, JAH," Guevara told us earlier this year. "It’ll be out on July 20th, the two-year anniversary of his passing on. Before he passed, JAH told me if I didn’t make it out the hood, he wouldn’t be shit. That conversation still hurts and haunts me. I promised him that wouldn’t happen. I kept my word."

Clyde Guevara's life experience informs his music—it's genuine and passionate, made relatable no matter what your specific circumstances are. It makes for a powerful debut album, and it's something that will stick with him for life. "Energy never dies," he says, speaking of his brother. "He’ll inspire me forever. Forever fuel the music."

Listen to freeJAH below, and read our interview with Clyde Guevara here.

And watch the "Still Illin" video below: