One of the greatest gifts of the new era of the internet and streaming is that now artists from all over the globe are accessible right in the palm of your hand. Artists that would once be regional acts now have the potential to reach worldwide audiences and fans can grow up listening and connecting to music that born from environments they've never seen before. Rising spitter Shawn Scrilla is one of the latest beneficiaries of this new era and is looking to make 2018 his biggest year yet.

The South Carolina has used the net to his advantage connecting with tastemakers and artists alike, including Young Thug's YSL Records labelmate Gunna on his recent single "On Fye."

Looking to continue the heatstreak, Scrilla is back with a new video for "Blew My High," a single produced by frequent collaborator Jetsonmade. Pulling inspiration from Chicago legend Chief Keef, the 20-year-old rapper explained to us that everything came together in the middle of a frustrating situation at the studio: "Thank you Chief Keef for inspiring the whole concept of this song. I had been listening to old chief keef songs and while I was in the studio this female just KEPT blowing up my phone trying to blow my high, it instantly clicked."

Check out the new video at the top of the page and stay tuned to see what's next for the up and coming artist.