Jessie Reyez' voice is special under any circumstance. Whether it's accompanied by explosive electronic dance production on a song like "Blue Ribbon" or joined by the gentle strums of an acoustic guitar in a Texas backyard, there's a quality to her voice that jumps to the front of any track and commands attention.

Today, she pairs that voice with an acoustic guitar and an upbeat little drum pattern on "Body Count." Honestly, I'd be sold on her voice alone, but my favorite thing about Jessie has always been her way of throwing in one-liners like "maybe you should put a rubber on your heart before it breaks." There are lots of people with great voices, but the ability to pair that with an interesting perspective and unique songwriting really makes her special. You can listen to "Body Count" on YouTube below.

For more on Jessie's story, watch the video below.

Watch her perform an acoustic version of "Shutter Island" in our yard at SXSW: