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Madge's debut single "Fight or Flight Club" was slightly left of center, but for the most part it was a sweet, accessible pop song. When we talked to the Los Angeles artist about what's coming next, however, she shared with us that "oh boy, things might get weird." And here we are, with single number two, the awesomely disruptive "Red James."

"'Red James' is the Madge origin story," the producer/singer tells us. "I made it in a closet in a basement on a whim. It’s the first song I created start to finish. It’s lo-fi, crunchy, rude, loud—it doesn’t give a fuck. At the same time, it’s relatively simple. It doesn’t have the layers or lushness of 'Fight or Flight.' It’s a lot more raw and a lot more weird. And when I listen to it I can think of the exact moment I made it. Afterward I cried because I thought it was so stupid. I almost threw my hands up in the air and walked away from it. A few days later I realized this was the start of the next phase of my life."

Listen to "Red James" below, hear it on the streaming platform of your choice here, read our interview with Madge here, and stay tuned for more.

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