It was clear that Kevin George had something special from his very first song. "High Like This" came out at the beginning of the year, and the 20-year-old producer turned artist told us that he was "out to become one of the world's biggest pop stars." He doesn't shy away from those ambitions on his debut EP LOVELAND, which is out today. The seven track project is packed with sleek songs that deliver moody, personal content with a an undeniable pop polish, and enough variety to keep things fresh.

When we spoke at the beginning of the year, Kevin explained, "I produced, engineered, and mixed all of LOVELAND. I've worked alone on my production forever, which I hate sometimes, but people like Tame Impala, Calvin Harris, and Prince inspire me to keep working with what I've got."

The long hours are paying off, and LOVELAND feels like the start of something special. Listen to the LOVELAND EP below and watch the video for "Domino Effect" above.  


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