Over the last few years, young artists have been connecting and collaborating in all kinds of amazing ways that we've never seen before. One of the best examples of this is BrockhamptonAs the story goes, some of the members met on a Kanye West fan forum called KanyeToThe and started collaborating on music over the internet before eventually all moving to a house together in Texas.

Of course, one of the great things about the internet is that interactions like this often leave a trace—as long as they're not deleted or a website goes down or something. Fortunately, KanyeToThe is still alive and some bread crumbs from the group's earliest days remain. Many of the main forum threads where these guys first met and started planning the group are nowhere to be found, there is one that remains. It's a 2012 post from a 14-year-old Kevin Abstract that helped plant the seed for everything we're seeing now.

It all started with a question: "Anybody wanna make a band?​"

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