Brockhampton are renowned for handling practically everything in-house, but Kevin Abstract recently revealed that their SATURATION trilogy was partially inspired by one the most accomplished producers of all time, Rick Rubin. In a tweet, Abstract mentioned meeting Rubin through Odd Future manager Christian Clancy prior to releasing his debut album, 2016's American Boyfriend, and how the veteran helped inspire his feverish creative pace.

It's been a wild week for Brockhampton, who announced a deal with RCA Records on March 30 and teased their next albumPUPPY, with some help from Jaden Smith the very next day. Abstract also posted a photo of he, JOBA, and Romil with Rubin, leaving the caption blank on Twitter. On Instagram though, he wrote "puppy," possibly teasing Rubin's involvement on their next LP, which is due out this summer.

Rubin was also recently spotted with Kanye West, so he's clearly making the rounds and scoping out 2018's most anticipated projects. Abstract has previously addressed his relationship with Rubin on record, having mentioned the Jay-Z and Beastie Boys collaborator on the short track "Timeless" that appeared online in January 2017.

It's unclear what, involvement Rubin could have with the group going forward, but we certainly owe him a big thanks for helping inspire SATURATION. Watch our guide to Brockhampton's many members as well as a breakdown of their meteoric success in our Numbers on the Board video below.

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