Clairo is back with her first song of 2018, "4EVER."

The young Boston artist first caught our attention at the end of 2017 with a lo-fi, DIY song and video "Pretty Girl" that went viral on the strength of her unique style and ability to be herself. At the time, she told us, "I'm still not entirely sure how 'Pretty Girl' blew up the way it did. It wasn't really meant to. The song was originally meant for a compilation tape for a magazine called The Le Sigh, and I made the video in about 30 minutes. I only expected about 5,000 views at most!"

Now, the follow-up is here. Clairo wrote on Instagram Thursday night, "It’s finally out. I can’t begin to tell you guys how long I’ve been working on this song, want to thank Ashwin Torke, Deaton Chris Anthony, and Burns Twins for sprinkling their magic on the song. This is everything I had hoped for and I hope u enjoy it!" On Twitter, she added, "n this isn't bedroom pop." The production quality has improved, but she hasn't lost any of the charm or authenticity that made songs like "Pretty Girl" and "Flaming Hot Cheetos" so special.

Hear the song on SoundCloud below and read more about Clairo and other exciting young artists with a DIY spirit here.

Learn more about Clairo in the video below.

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