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When we spoke to Stockholm's Busu back in 2016, he told us he had a problem with authority. "Always wanted to do stuff mine and the gang's way, you know," he explained, offering an inkling as to what led him to come up with such an idiosyncratic sound. Mixing elements of pop-punk into his uniquely Swedish rap music, with "116 RIP" Busu made it abundantly clear he had all the makings of a future star. With his newest release, "Do 2 Much," he's guaranteed his future.

Just like his essential cover of Chief Keef's "Hate Bein' Sober," Busu's latest blends rock and rap in a way that was only hinted at on his debut album Family. With floor-rumbling bass and a killer guitar melody holding "Do 2 Much" together, Busu proudly exhibits his songwriting talents . "I was partying in the studio and had almost finished a new song, when [producer] Lolo came over and listened," he explained over email. "She said something like, 'we're not doing that slow shit tonight' and deleted the project. So I just put my drink down, picked my bass up, pressed record and we made 'Do 2 Much.'"

As the first song taken from his forthcoming follow-up to last year's Family, "Do 2 Much" promises a more developed sound that retains the same sense of youthful energy that caught our attention in the first place. No word on when we can expect to hear more from the currently untitled forthcoming project, but it's definitely something worth getting excited over.

Listen to the premiere of Busu's "Do 2 Much" below, and learn more about Busu here

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